Im empleongirl!

30 04 2008

Hi! It’s empleongirl. I am a new admin/author on this site. Peaceangel2 is really nice. We are buddies on cp now, and ummm…. here is me and Peaceangel2. ;D








6 responses

30 04 2008

Nice Post! Check out my site sometime!


P.S. Can I be on your blogroll?

1 05 2008

sure you can

1 05 2008

Hey u are soooo awsome to have 131 hits in only some day.

7 05 2008

Youre right RedBlueMast! I got 287 hits in 2 and a half months! 😦 Oh, and can I be on your blogroll?? 😀


8 05 2008

You can be on my blogroll.

23 06 2008

Hey, peaceangel2, I will add you to my blogroll if you add me to yours. I have over 2,200 hits and can get you way more.

Waddle on,

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