Music Jam

28 07 2008

Hey everyone its Peaceangel2, sorry i havent updated this site in a really long time. ive just been busy!

Free Music Jam shirts at the dock!

Free Maracas at the cove!

New room at the dock! *members only

members can buy tshirts at the snow forts!

BTW, when the penguin band is on a break there are backstage giving out free backgrounds! in different servers! members only though! šŸ˜¦




6 responses

29 07 2008

hey very nice post maby when you can comment on my site going for our 100,000 hit soon thank you so much cptag aka (haloandme).

30 07 2008

Its not fair! Ithink non members should be able to go backstage!

30 07 2008

I got my braces off now I have to wear retainers. Ugh.

31 07 2008

Your site is soo awesome peaceangel! You should have a million hits! That would rock!

31 07 2008

hi! i love your site! the music jam post you made has a lot of effort put into it and that totally shows. I like how you actually have detailed posts instead of some of these other gay sites ive seen. lol.

hey, could you visit my site?
also when your there… please comment on my new header! I dont know if it looks good or not so i need some suggestions!


3 08 2008

Hey I have a new contest! but only for wordpress players. Peaceangel please enter! Oh you should have a contest!

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