Scavenger Hunt & Rockhopper

9 08 2008

Hello penguins! its Peaceangel! Today rockhopper came and brought goodies 🙂

Also about the scavenger hunt, here are the places!

3.Coffee shop
6.Pet shop
Sorry im just to lazy too post pictures =P

And New Play!
Team Blue’s Rally 2

whooo go blue! haha

*new newspaper

okay well thats ’bout it for now

ohyeah HAPPY 8/8/08!
good luck finding rockhopper





2 responses

9 08 2008

hii! lol thanks for the comments! ill add you to my blogroll. =] thats so cool how were both going into 8th grade! (lol not really) anyways, we should meet on cp sometime! anddd. i LOVE your header! now i see why you wouldnt wanna change it! i love your site by the way. hope to talk to ya soon!

2 09 2008

im havin a party soon but i need 2000 hits more. u get to make the plans also! anyone can make the plans, except i choose server and where the party is going to be. server: Grizzley area: Empleon Girl’s Igloo on the map.

I hope you will come!

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