Penguin Games !

23 08 2008

Hey Penguins! Yesterday was the start of the Penguin Games !

Free Items!
Red Face Paint – Coffee Shop

Blue Face Paint – Pizza Parlor

And if you complete all of the activites then you will recieve a medal !

Also theres a Soccer Field ! * members only 😦

so yeah thats pretty much it ! hope you enjoy the party ! and dont forget to comment! thanks for reading 🙂




5 responses

25 08 2008

i think its stupid how you cant go to the soccer feild unless your a member. Sorry I havent been commenting lately!!! plz forgive me! oh and how did you put that heart beside your name at the end of your post?

2 09 2008

please talk to me peaceangel2! u dont hav to but it would be nice if you would! 😀

7 09 2008

peaceangel, you are realling cool and i wish you could update or something. dont be mad at me. You might be getting too old for club penguin but no matter what you still are my friend.

9 10 2008

peaceangel2, you are my best friend 🙂 and i will keep commenting on your blog until you respond! please!

21 10 2008

i guess your not coming back 😥 i miss you

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