Hi everyone!

21 06 2011

Omgosh. I feeeel super bad, I just abandoned this blog site out of nowhere without any closure! I decided to write this post because I was reading some comments, and it actually made me quite sad that I didn’t keep in touch with some of you like Empleon Girl! I really hope she reads this, Hi! I miss you! Awe, how much i’ve grown. I don’t really play clubpenguin. Heres an update. I am now in highschool, about to be a Junior, I graduate next year. I have a lovely boyfriend of 1 year and 3 months ❤ I am in ROTC at my highschool. As for websites I mainly use tumblr, I don't really play online games anymore. Besides a little bit of xbox live. I am on drill team at my highschool. I really would like to see who's still updating there website. But thanks everyone for making this such a great experience,

Keep waddling!
-Peaceangel ❤




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