• Hey Everyone,im Peaceangel2 im very awesome! lol just kidding… well i just started this wordpress! so please be nice! i love meeting new people so just talk to me! Sports are awesome! i exspecially love Soccer! i was even on my schools team! my favorite color is,Blue well actually ird have a favorite color… Im a girl? lol i try my hardest to make this site really cool and nice! so please tell other penguins about it! 🙂 you may also be on my blogroll there just one thing, i would also like to be on yours! i have lots of nice friends, there awesome…. some of them play clubpenguin too! Ohyeah on clubpenguin im a member! its cool! my favorite server is parka im mostly on that server
    my cusin also play on clubpenguin but he’s not a member *yet* lol his name is videomayn he started the same time as me! sso mabey he is going to help me with this site! idk yet! but yeah thats me!



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27 04 2008

Cool! My name is Abby. I love to play basketball. My username on club penguin is

Empleon Girl

27 04 2008

Awesome Im Frazzie on Club Penguin, and I started Club Penguin in December 2006. And also, my oldest Items are the Snowflake Crown, Black and White Pirate Shirt, Blue Scarf, Pirate Hat, and Shamrock Hat, which were all in Early 2007. My site is http://pukalicous.wordpress.com that I started in June 2007. It was first owned by Pukalicous but then he gave it to me. So it has been my site for about 8 months now.

Waddle On! 😉

27 04 2008

Hey peaceangel2, go to http://www.empleongirl.wordpress.com/about to see my pic. ; D If you see me on Club Penguin. 😀

P.S Keep up the awesome work!

P.SS If you have a question about anything for Club Penguin, or WordPress, just ask me and I might know it. Good luck with everything!

28 04 2008

Hey my names Gtracer in CP add me i joined in late febuary 2006 early march.

11 05 2008

Will you please choose what background I should have? http://www.empleongirl.wordpress.com/what-background-for-my-site-should-i-have

Peaceangel2, whats wrong? Your not commenting very much. And do you like The Legend Of Zelda series?

28 06 2008

Hey im having a really cool Contest soon! It says the rest at my site. Its called; http://www.glibglider.wordpress.com! Well, enjoy!

31 07 2008

Cool! In Real Life my Name is Isla Pronounced EYE LUH. Its the mixed up letters of my moms name. Im from Connecticut (you know next to New York?) andi just started my blog a month ago!

19 09 2008

nice logo 4 ur peng peaceangel

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