Penguin Games !

23 08 2008

Hey Penguins! Yesterday was the start of the Penguin Games !

Free Items!
Red Face Paint – Coffee Shop

Blue Face Paint – Pizza Parlor

And if you complete all of the activites then you will recieve a medal !

Also theres a Soccer Field ! * members only 😦

so yeah thats pretty much it ! hope you enjoy the party ! and dont forget to comment! thanks for reading 🙂



9 08 2008

Im not quitting! and NEW party!

15 06 2008

ok so im not qutting thanks for your support everyone ! 🙂

k, ill update this bit later

Im empleongirl!

30 04 2008

Hi! It’s empleongirl. I am a new admin/author on this site. Peaceangel2 is really nice. We are buddies on cp now, and ummm…. here is me and Peaceangel2. ;D